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Development of Stem Cell-derived, Islet Replacement for Type 1 Diabetes

Kevin D’Amour, United States

VP, Research and Chief Scientific Officer
ViaCyte Inc


Development of stem cell-derived, islet replacement for type 1 diabetes

Kevin D’Amour1.

1ViaCyte Inc, San Diego, CA, United States

ViaCyte Inc. is a clinical stage company developing a stem cell-based islet replacement therapy for treatment of patients with diabetes.  The therapy is a combination product comprised of pancreatic endoderm cells encapsulated within a retrievable delivery device.  After implantation, progenitor cells differentiate into glucose-responsive, insulin-secreting cells.  The renewable starting material for cell product manufacturing is human embryonic stem cells that are directed to differentiate to the pancreatic endoderm cell product using scalable processes.  The bio-stable delivery device is designed to contain cells and facilitate formulation and delivery of the product to subcutaneous tissue sites.


Funding in part from California Institute for Regenerative Medicine and JDRF..


Kevin D’Amour, Ph.D., Vice President, Research and Chief Scientific Officer. Kevin D’Amour, Ph.D. is an expert in stem cell science, an inventor of ViaCyte’s key patents and a co-author of high profile publications in renowned scientific journals. In addition to leading research advances in the stem cell program, Dr. D’Amour is frequently called upon to address the biological aspects of ViaCyte’s technology platform with regulating bodies, such as the US patent office and the FDA. Prior to joining ViaCyte, Dr. D’Amour performed pre-doctoral research with Dr. Fred Gage at The Salk Institute where he studied stem cell plasticity in neural stem cells. His past experience also includes a research position at Gen-Probe, Inc. Dr. D’Amour performed undergraduate studies at the University of New Hampshire and earned his Ph.D. in biology at the UC, San Diego.

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