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Keynote Address

Tuesday November 03, 2020 - 19:40 to 20:15


Development of Combined Beta Cell Replacement and Immunotherapies for Definitive Treatment of Autoimmune Diabetes

Matthias von Herrath, United States

Vice President and Professor
Global Chief Medical Office
Novonordisk and La Jolla Institute


I will discuss new seminal findings in the human pathology of type 1 diabetes, which are relevant to developing new treatments, also for the field of islet and stem cell transplantation. In particular we observe that CD8 autoreactivity to preproinsulin is physiological and that type 1 diabetes appears to develop, when beta cells unveil themselves to the immune system. This more beta cell centric view of the pathogenesis allows us to rethink strategies to protect them, maybe in the future more efficiently. I will also discuss aspects of Novo Nordisk's program for type 1 diabetes.


Dr. Matthias von Herrath is committed to clinical translation of immune-based interventions in autoimmune and metabolic diseases, the latter in particular being an exciting emerging field. His expertise and main strength is working at the interface of experimental research to interpret and refine early phase I/II clinical trials in order to optimize strategies for phase 3 trials and drug approval. This comprises translation from various animal models as well as human organoid models to human interventions, optimization of immunotherapies and their relative ranking, assessment of combination therapies, development of biomarkers as primary or secondary outcomes, induction of antigen specific tolerance in autoimmunity, regulatory cells and clinical T cell assays. Matthias von Herrath is Vice President and Senior Medical officer at Novonordisk and Professor at La Jolla institute.

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